Friday, April 10, 2009

Shadow Citizenry, Possession Zones 1

The phenomenon of abandoned houses being illegally reoccupied strikes me as a twisted development on land war.

It makes me wonder if these squats don't perpetuate the "invisible" model of relations. Of course desperate times call for desperate measures, and I would rather sleep for one night in an abandoned McMansion than in an urban waste-zone. I think.

And some of these re-occupations are enacted boldly, in broad daylight, through the front door, but it seems like a larger opportunistic narrative remains unshifted. Somehow I would prefer to see the dominance of this narrative overthrown...evolved into something else. I wonder what other radical rejections might possible in these cases of sudden "landlessness?"

My thought is that we also need contestation in the form of new narratives...that the success of the solitary parasite is limited (limiting?)...

Virilio's Vision Machine comes to mind - " So in spite of all this machinery of transfer, we get no closer to the productive unconscious of sight."     

Loss and exploitation is enabled in some part through spatialized isolation and dispersion...can voids and invisibility be utilized to achieve a solution? I wonder...