Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pulse Demon, Notes

Rough prototype of a networked particle system built around three main design concepts:
1. Constrained Turbulence - capturing chaotic behavior
2. Temporal Multiplicities - enfolded time-scales, feedback
3. Permeability - networks, open to real-time intervention
The turbulence (visualization) was built in Processing. I'll post images soon - essentially two particle swarms influenced by gravitational attraction and energy exchanged through collisions. Temporal multiplicities and sonic feedback structures built in Max/MSP. Permeability was realized through computer vision and User Datagram Protocol communications.

Basically, the goal was to isolate and materialize fluxes of energy moving through topological and temporal systems.

Perhaps as Virilio said, depth of time has replaced depth of field...I'll be publishing more specifically re: temporal webs, sonic feedback loops and other influences in upcoming posts...