Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pentagramophone, 5 Lines Drawn in Air (or, Prismatic Music)

The world premiere of my new live performance Pentagramophone, 5 Lines Drawn in Air (or, Prismatic Music) will be on October 2, 2016 at the Texas Contemporary art fair in Houston, Texas. This piece is commissioned by Diverseworks with funding from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Pentagramophone, 5 Lines Drawn in Air (or, Prismatic Music) involves a live generated text composition and radio performance for five listeners. The performance is inspired by Antonin Artaud’s “50 Drawings to Murder Magic” and engages Artaud’s understanding of magic as a form of “constant communication,” and as a link to rejoin things and words, the poetic and the plastic. Using a live microphone and electronic processing, common and uncommon objects are “opened” as prismatic sonic material. The five listeners wear noise-blocking FM radio headsets to receive the transmission; the pathways between transmitter and listeners draw and redraw invisible lines forming a charged electromagnetic shape in architectural and social space.

listeners with wireless radio receiver headsets

listeners of live FM performance, with radio headsets