Friday, July 25, 2014

Air, Condition at Blaffer Art Museum

Abinadi Meza: Air, Condition opens August 8, 2014 at Blaffer Art Museum's two exhibition spaces in Houston, Texas. In downtown Houston a two-channel video, four-channel sound installation is installed in former storefront windows at 110 Milam Street. At the Blaffer Museum's main gallery a four-channel sound installation activates windows of the architecture itself.

This project is based on a pirate radio transmissions that explore and intervene in urban space - specifically, the territory of air-space. The broadcasts are transmitted from a moving car, and create temporary glitches in sonic and living space.

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Featured on "Houston Matters" radio broadcast, 88.7 Houston Public Media

still from Air, Condition (2014) video, sound
still from Air, Condition (2014) video, sound

Air, Condition (Part 1), excerpt from abinadi meza on Vimeo.