Saturday, May 30, 2009

Neuroticos Anonimos

Somewhere in the city a number of people gather. They are variously anxious, obsessive, "abnormally" sensitive...tense. They mostly meet at night, and do not disclose their names. No sounds can be heard from inside the building. The windows are blacked out from the street. This is both welcome and troubling.

Some years later the sign will remain, though the people seem to have stopped gathering there. New programs will occupy the space and the "N/A" will be re-purposed for the Neuro-Archaeology Institute...Nuñez Accounting...New Asia Café...Negri Architects, LLC...and later, "Sodium" nightclub. 

It seems as if the original members have stopped gathering in this place, but in every successive venture—every once in a while, an "abnormal" tension seems to grip everyone in the room. Briefly, you can't be certain.